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The parallel nation


We, well-meaning people


We are more than just a political party : we are a thoughtful community, a form of life which will force influencing policy.








Slogans :


Think about it


Ask around.


Act without self-interest, without negative feelings, without partiallity.


Everyone has some value.


Everyone’s opinion counts, we observe according to our possibilities, according to what we can do!


Don’t look what is the other, don’t look for scapegoats.


We know how to make sacrifices, but we won’t let them sacrifice us!

Everyone can join our community group, especially if you think that the interests of our community are as important as yours.

Our most important goals :

The development of our community as well as of humanity.


To create and maintain better and more reassuring living conditions for all families and members of our community.


Regardless of orientation and mindset.


We make effort to make every member of our community feel safe.

( home, peace..)


A predictable future without uncertainty.


Preserving entire families.

Maximum support for families, life, education and creativity.


Abolish employee enslavement, and promote dignified work that can be done without unnecessary tension, psychological pressure and humiliation on the part of colleagues or the employer.

( harassment, mobbing, etc.. )


Better balancing of prices and wages for better purchasing power.


We need to create economic units to maintain our way of life.

( Banks, public utilities providers, commercial units etc.)

We want to make sure that with 8 hours of work, everyone can have a comfortable life.

A fairer distribution.

The creation of an anti-harassment brigade at work which will intervene directly in the event of a problem.

The most important question :

Is what you want achievable for who or whos is it good ?



The most important argument :

The Persuasion.


Without manipulation and opression.

People must decide by conviction.

Lobby yes, but only for quality.

The word ‘’community’’ in our interpretation :


Instead of the term "our nation":


A community, live in any territory of a mixed public, but who have the similar interest, and who keep in mind the local culture and philosophy of life.

Its our age-appropriate definition


For example: In France... There are very varied profiles so if we say 'the French nation', many of these people will not be able to assimilate and may simply not want either. But if we say, Modular Party from French... community, then finally everyone can integrate.
In our community everyone can find common ground, even the most "different" people.


The party goal,


comes from the observation of our European and global society. By observing events all over the world, we have the impression that if humanity does not change its attitude towards its environment and towards its neighbours, that if it does not stop with individualism, opportunism, if it does not immediately stop the hunting has hyper profit, corruption, the repression of the weakest and the most enslaved, our civilization will extinguish itself again.
( wars, famine, diseases, catastrophe etc.)


We are convinced that humanity is at a major crossroads:


Either we can marginalize boarding, selfishness, total forced exploitation of our planet, or we will all exterminate ourselves


Therefore, for us, the most important thing is the development of humanity and humanism.




The development and the progression for us:


First of all a scientific development but we support all initiations of what can serve for humanism and human interest


We need to put all our resources into research.

We must understand any intellectual, financial or even what was 'crowding'' (by economy, crime, theft, etc...) in offshore companies, or tax havens.


A small percentage of the world’s income would be enough for everyone to live properly.


Second, we must make every effort to ensure that everyone, especially families, can find happiness in their home environment.


Many of us have left our homeland, either by force or personal interest, and would like to return.


We stand with maximum tolerance for everyone who wants to support our development and is willing to accept the culture of the host community in general, in our eweryday lives


Tolerance applies to everyone, including those who migrate from one community to another.


Everyone needs to make an effort and make compromises.

( primarily for the community )




The name of this Party:


International, because our activity will extend to the whole world


Humanist, because we will always observe in the first place the interest of man at all costs.


Parallel, because we are going to live side by side with the world run by psychopaths and sociopaths, dependent on profit and power.
( These are not just politicians but the owners, managers, managers of societies, researchers, spiritual guides, opportunistic multiculturals.)


And modular, because the party itself will be composing by modules.


Naturally, the modules will be composed by humens.

( for the moment...)


In order to achieve the goals of our communities, the modules are free to navigate.


Anyone who wants to integrate into our party will have to integrate into a module. If there is no module that will accept the person or if the person does not want to integrate into an existing module, the person will be able to create their module at the beginning of their integration or they will simply choose to integrate into the central module.


The purpose of the modules is not just policy.


Any leader or person who gives orders or makes decisions to our community or society will have to go before a committee.


The committee then decides whether the candidate can think humanely and without partiality and whether he can make such decisions.


The examination can be only a simple test or a thorough examination.


Naturally the creators must undergo an aptitude test.




Membership of members in the party:


The candidate can contact the party (for example on the party website)
and complete the membership questionnaire and await the decision of the  party or desired module.


The conditions of adhesion are fixed by the creator of the module which is consistent with the idea of humanism and party.
In addition, membership can start by email, by telephone or by letter.



Dissolution of the party: 


On a simple well-founded request of any party member after a 2/3 majority vote or by law.


It is possible by vote (on a well-founded motion) to withdraw the confidence of the party’s creator and appoint a new creator instead.


The position of "Creator of the Party" is only representative, all decisions are taken by specialists.

The party’s ethical leadership is composed of the creators of the greatest moduls.


The creator of the party has a veto to defend the foundation text.


The "modular party" is an intellectual property which is protected by a brevvet.

The creation of a new "International Humanist Parallel Modular Party" is possible only by fully using the original name and respecting the original foundation text.

There is still only one Modular Party

The party does not take a compulsory contribution but we invite everyone only when he thinks of himself and if he will spend money to buy something or when he wants to change something in our society think of us and the party also and by his possibilities: support us.
By phone ( with overtaxed calls ) or on the party website.


In case of dissolition of the party all its assets must be invested in humanist projects.

The places for the nominations are chosen by specialists before the dissolution of the party.



Dissolution of a module:


By its creator, by the party leadership or by law.

The dissolution of the module is announced by the party leadership.


It is enough for the creator to announce the termination of the module to the party leadership.


The transmission of a module or its name for someone else is impossible.

If the creator of the module wants to recreate his old module

( only with the agreement of the party )
It can reuse the name of its old module.


The dissolved module members are transferred to the central module.

A member may be excluded from a module but not from the party.

( since we are Humanists )

The creator of the module can exclude anyone from its module without justification.

The excluded member is transferred to the excluded module or voluntarily leaves the party.


The excluded member can apply for membership in another module.


The excluded member cannot create another module until the party agrees.


All modules can add text to the foundation text with the greatest respect for the humanist idea and the basic text of the original party.


Modules do not necessarily have to be agreements between themselves or with the party and members do not necessarily have to be agreements with their module either.


Votes must be taken individually and without influence.
Identifiable by the voter.


Since no one can cheat with our vote and our decision will be checked in all circumstances.

The party will always communicate the administrative situation.


When creating a module we ask the whole world as much as possible that they gather around the same idea, principle or thought.


National or ethnic (minority) modules may be created, but members are asked to exclude false/unjustifiable, dogmatic, radical or extreme ideas.

The Maintaining the traditions, perseverance and developing the experiences of our ancestors are important for our communities.


We respect the hard work of our ancestors and we do not let them waste.


We learn from our mistakes, the experiences have turned to our will.


Instead of "nationalism" the cultural or traditional memory is supported.


It is strictly forbidden to create a module based on a religion!


Members may or may not be believers.

Independent of their orientation and way of thinking.


If they believe in God they can do this from any reading but one asks all members to do the spiritualism that has the house or the ocassion of an organized session.


The members will understand that in our world today the different cultures, religions, philosophies of life are constantly mingling, so because of this, placing excessive emphasis on one or other religion can create superfluous tensions in our communities.


So we avoid making too much emphasis on our religion or our nationality.


Believers may gather at any time, anywhere, regularly or periodically, but believers are urged to avoid referring to any religion with the building, clothes, gestures, signs, without anything.


Believers can focus on God, all unique and everyone.


The path is individual and personal.


God teaches and guides us.


God does not need soldiers only believers.


God’s soldiers do not exist.


Good or evil depends only on us.


God is always victorious without an army!


Our community is held together by our common interests and the realization of our interests are made with science and experiences.


Prohibited to create a module by referring to the tax benefits of profits or money.


Our censores are the media

( from the north,the south,the west,the east )

so all our activities are public.


Our great duty is to remove, to isolate from power or position of decider, the mentally ill, the malevolent opportunists, the dependents of money and power and the people with insatiable desires


Corporate decision-makers or corporations are those who use or used their influence or money to commit crimes in our community or elsewhere in the world and in their activities using their power, important position and like that deliver our community or another for a third person, to have benefits, our community will start a procedure against them and we will expel them from our life.
( People who betrayed their community )



The repentance is possible!


In this case, the experts of our community will look at the case from a humanist point of view but severely and uniformly then they can establish the modality for repentance.


Unfortunately, most of these people ( cited above ) are dependent and these addictions can be exploited by inhuman and careless people.

These people are very difficult to separate peacefully from their addiction, like drug addicts.

Unfortunately these people attract similar people and together they can really burden our daily lives.

They are very well visible in our life, they are everywhere in such and such lobbies, karts, blocks of interests that manipulate in the background:

they rather want profit at all costs.

They are not too interested in creativity, vocation, competence or perhaps they see that the future should be development, quality, progression but they are drawn into an infamous and without forgiveness for money.


Our leaders are serving in our Society!

( with the highest responsibility and with a pure heart )


So our community will ensure the best conditions to do its job better.


Our leaders abdicate (quit) without causing worry when it turns out that another person can do his or her job more effectively.


The most important thing is the most efficient functioning of our community!

We’d like to convince you but we don’t want to forced to "push" you.

No one has entrusted us with founding this party!

We don’t want to overthrow anyone, take away or take a position.

We are not anti-multinational but we want to prevent these groups from becoming "monsters"

We don’t want to collect the money in a dubious way and then disappear under obscure circumstances.

We do not create our party to live on taxpayers' money.

We would like the leaders in place to observe the world around them (look down) and respond:


Can humanity continue as it is or is it time to change?


Modul Party

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